Accountants & tax consultants

Van Velzen accountants & adviseurs is an organisation with just over thirty dedicated employees and three partners which provides Accountancy, Consulting, Payroll and Tax/Legal services to her clients. Our (international) clients are working in all sorts of industries, like: Transport & Logistics, Food, Medical, Real estate, IT, Agriculture, Services, etc.

We are a full (one-stop-shop) financial specialist with a custom made approach. For complex issues we can rely on a solid network of specialists. Clients have one main contact in our organisation, the relation manager. The relation managers are the key figures for all communication between our office and clients, they are responsible and accountable for the service we provide, from the first booking in the financial administration to the tax declaration, the annual report and advice.

The four accountants in our organisation are all authorised to certify and licensed by NBA (www.nba.nl). They each have a different specialty.
With our membership of the SRA and license by the AFM, our clients are ensured of the highest quality and ethical standards.

  • SRA (www.sra.nl) is an organisation of Cooperating Registered Accountants and Accountant-Administration Consultants. This organisation guarantees the quality of services by means of reviews which are conducted regularly among its members. In addition, SRA offers us access to professional resources and extensive industry information.
  • AFM (www.afm.nl) is the Dutch Authority of Financial Markets who performs the public oversight on audit entities. Audit firms need to have a license from the AFM in order to perform statutory audits in the Netherlands.

We have four Federation tax consultants with various expertises. Our tax consultants are member of the NFB.

  • RB (www.rb.nl) is the Netherlands register of Tax Consultants. This organisation protects and promotes the quality of their members by organising continuous training, as well as through a dedicated disciplinary committee. The NFB also offers us access to various professional resources.

Working method

We see regular contact with clients as a matter of great importance and we are also committed to maintaining a close involvement in the evolving of your business and personal circumstances. Another priority is to ensure a good balance and transparency between our fees and the services we provide. Personal attention and pro-active advice comes naturally to us. We distinguish ourselves with our slogan“aangename kennis”, or in English it is best translated as “pleasant knowledge”.



  • Audit and assurance (based on SRA-standards)
  • Annual reports and advice (based on Dutch GAAP)
  • Knowledge of Dutch GAAP, IFRS GAAP and US GAAP
  • Administrative services (also online services)
  • Company valuation
  • Budgeting


  • Interim management
  • Business plans
  • Mergers, acquisitions and successions
  • Strategy


  • Full salary administration
  • Tax declaration
  • Employment agreements


  • Tax accounting
  • Tax consultancy
  • Tax optimization
  • Agreements/contracts
  • Mergers, acquisitions and successions
  • Estate planning (concerns: inheritance, pensions, etc.)
  • Fiscal court procedures
  • Restructuring and reorganization

For further information, questions or contact,
please send an e-mail or call us:

van Velzen Accountants & adviseurs
Wasbeeklaan 3
2361 HG Warmond
Tel: 071 301 24 00
Email: info@vanvelzenaa.nl